Waterford High School

Waterford Academy


If you are an alumni of the class of 1946, I need information about your class to complete this page. If you can furnish names and addresses of your classmates, class motto, class colors, etc, it would be appreciated.

Please contact me at:
Robert J. Catlin, Sr. (Class of 1956)
2670 Dakota Street
Bryans Road, MD 20616-3062

In Memoriam
Christina Bittles Burdick; Audrey Dorman; Thora Haynes Osborn; Jean Himrod Stull Cunningham; Wands Lewis Owens Kelly;
Louise June Moore Hailwood; Vincent Salmon; Lavina Thompson Hughes; Pauline Wilcox Jenkins
In Memory


Marjorie Allen Gates
515 High Street
Waterford, PA 16441

Christina Bittles Burdick

Audrey Dorman
Deceased: May 2015

Thora Haynes Osborn
Deceased:February 2013

Jean Himrod Stull Cunningham
Deceased: July 2011

Wanda Lewis Owens Kelly
Deceased: October 2012

Louise June Moore Hailwood
Deceased: December 2013

Dr. Vincent M. Salmon
Deceased: August 2009

Lavina Thompson Hughes
Deceased: February 2013

Pauline Wilcox Jenkins
Deceased: July 2013

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