Fort LeBoeuf High School

Drawing of Fort LeBoeuf


If you are an alumni of the class of 1963, I need additional information about your class to complete this page. If you can furnish information about any of your classmates or the other information listed below, it would be appreciated. Please contact me at:
Robert J. Catlin, Sr.
2670 Dakota Street
Bryans Road, MD 20616-3062

Who were your senior year class officers?
What were your class colors?
What was your class flower?
What was your class motto?
Is their a class member or teacher you would like to have this Web page dedicated to?

In Memoriam
Sue Jane Carrier Baker; Deanne Christiansen; Thomas Dingle; Marion Louise (Fries) Galbraith; Christine Ann Kaufmann Brinkley; Barbara Shonka; Barbara Wilmire Mathews
In Memory

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