Fort LeBoeuf High School

Drawing of Fort LeBoeuf


If you are an alumni of the class of 1969, I need information about your class to complete this page. If you can furnish names and addresses of your classmates, class motto, class colors, etc, it would be appreciated.

Please contact me at:
Robert J. Catlin, Sr. (Class of 1956)
2670 Dakota Street
Bryans Road, MD 20616-3062

In Memoriam
Marjorie Cline; Vincent Cross; James Edward Daniels; Charles Ferraro; Sandra Harkless Johnson; Dianna Kramer Carr; Royce Kosnik; Barbara Jean Lynch;
Virginia "Ginny" Lee Peterson Eisenberg; Gary Pillar; Becky Reed; Claire Russell
In Memory
Class Motto
FLB High Class of 1969 Motto
Life itself, is the ultimate high
Class Colors
Silver Aqua
Class Flower
Most Athletic
Gary Lindberg and Diane Anderson
Best all around
The late Jim Daniels and Karen Hammer
Most talented
Terry Kestle and Marilyn Keller
Most likely to succeed
Karl Hahn and the Late Ginny Lee Peterson Eisenberg
Prom King and Queen
Robbie See and the Late Barbie Lynch

Mary Jane Ester Brillinger

Tony Gentile

Louis Karl Hahn
64/38 M 1
Nongplalai Banglamung, Chonburi
Thailand 20150

Gayle Husband Robinson

Thanks to Louis Karl Hahn for furnishing the class colors, flower and motto!

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