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Fort LeBoeuf High School
Alma Mater

Fort LeBoeuf High School

On the banks of Lake LeBoeuf
High upon a scenic hill
Stands our grand old Alma Mater
Steadfast, proud, and still.

Fort LeBoeuf our Alma Mater
To thee we will sing our praise
Sons and daughters ever loyal
Songs to thee we'll raise.

Interesting Facts

Fort Le Boeuf High School was officially dedicated on February 6, 1956. The dedication was held in the High School Auditorium.
When the school opened it was setting on a 30 acre site.
The total cost to build (including equipment) was $793,735.
The school was 865,251 cubic feet.
The total enrollment was 565 students. This included grades 7 through 12.

The Architects who designed the facility:
Freeburg and Lindquist, Jamestown, NY

The contractors who built the facility:

General: Matthew Leivo and Sons, New Castle, PA
Lighting: Millcreek Electric and Construction Company, Erie, PA
Heating and Ventilation: Sans Corporation, Jamestown, NY
Plumbing: Stefanak and Sons, Farrell, PA

The facilities included:

14 Classrooms
2 Science Rooms
1 Commercial Room
2 Home Making Rooms
1 Industrial Arts Shop
1 Agriculture Shop
1 Art Room
1 Music Room
3 Music Practice Rooms
Library and Conference Rooms
Cafeteria and Kitchen
Gymnasium -- Auditorium
Health Suite
Faculty Suite
Administraive Suite
Locker Rooms
Storage and Utility Rooms
Team Rooms (Basement Area)

When the school opened there was already a plan to add 521,045 cubic feet of additional space.

The Supervising Principal was Mr. C. Warren Dingle

The High School Principal was Dr. Earl C. Stubbe

    Carm BonitoPhysical Education, Health
    Charles L. BowmanVocational Agriculture
    Elizabeth BurnsGeneral Science, Biology
    Lois J. ByersArt
    David I. CarnahanMathematics
    Ada CarterArithtmetric (Spelling in the Announcement)
    Norbert A. CyterskiHistory, Spanish
    Elizabeth (Bette) DavisPhysical Education, Health
    Sally DeLucaPhysical Education, Health
    Richard DeLucaGeography
    Lewis R. DoveEnglish History
    Tyler S. HayesEnglish
    Robert G. McCubbinMusic
    Pearle MaloneCommercial
    Charles N. MillerPhysics, Chemistry, Science
    Zona MillerEnglish
    Leilan RulandHome Economics, History
    John C. RussellCivics, History
    JoAnn SeyfertLibrary
    Joseph D. ShesmanGeography, Algebra
    Marie SmithProblems of Democracy, Guidance
    Benson ThomasHistory, Driver Training
    Zerelda YoungMusic
    Marjorie RheaNurse
    Sarah StullSecretary to Supervising Principal
    Della KerrSecretary to High School Principal
    Florian F. FlorekSchool Doctor
    Harold G. HoodSchool Dentist

Leo F. Wagner was President of the Board of Eduction of the Fort LeBoeuf School System; J. Stanley Mitchell was Vice President; Ellen I. Johnson was Secretary, and Ernest L. Heard was Treasurer.

Members of the board at the time of the dedication included, Adrian A. Sharpe, Joseph T. Kerr, Willis W. McGinnett, Bryon W. Bowen, Carrie L. Bemis, Ronald F. Burdick, Shirley M. Colvin, Gaylord G. See, Marian K. Carnahan, John L. Porter, Helen L. Barton, Eugene G. Rudolph, Chloeva Moore, Arthur J. Wright, Harold R. Dewey, Clarence C. Chase, Kenneth E. Briggs, Edward T. Shallenberger, Lee Port, Wellman W. Falk, and Alton E. McGahen. Lura H. Donner was the Parliamentarian.

Former members of the Board of Education during the building period were:

Charles L. Reid, Gertrude A. Gates, Earl F. Kastner, Bailey S. Powell, Vance B. Brooks, and Kasson W. Crooker.

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