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Useful Information for Seniors

25 Home Saftey Tips for Older Adults 25 tips to make your home safer for older adults.

A Retirement Planning Guide Guide covers all things to consider during the retirement planning process.

American Association of Retired People Site contains tips on travel and member benefits.

Emergency Preparedness Guide for Seniors and Caretakers. Emergency preparedness guide for seniors and their caretakers

Independent Word Guide A Guide to Independent Work For Seniors and Retirees.

Auto Insurance for Seniors Auto Insurance Guide for Seniors.

Retirement Resources A website with a list of the best places to retire, state aging agencies and more.

Retirement Savings and Spending Guide A guide to spending and saving wisely during retirement.

Senior Living Senior Living Options.

Seniors and Driving: A Guide A guide for seniors and driving.

Seniors and Annuities A guide for Seniors & Annuities.

Senior Road Safety Guide Covers how to be an independent driver as long as possible, how to approach someone you think should stop driving, how to get around without a car, and general driver tips. Thought this went well with the home safety guide.

Senior Safe Driving Helpful hints on how to combat the limitations that aging can put on drivers.

Senior Safety An informational guide for older adults with tips on how to stay safe at home.

Senior Safe Driving Helpful hints on how to combat the liitations that aging c an put on drivers.

Sleep and Aging Improving Sleep Quality in the Elderly.

Stress Management for Seniors The guide covers everything from lifestyle choices to physical activity, including actionable tipsfor optimal time outside, amount of water to drink, and more.

Tips to Make Traveling with a Disability Easier Travel tips, resources, and info for seniors and people with disabilities to make trips, tours, and vacations much easier. This is a good basic checklist to help someone thoroughly plan a trip and avoid any anxiety later on.

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