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Waterford High Class of 1952 - Graduation Picture

Class of 1952 Graduation Group Picture

Back Row: George Kuffer, Donna Martin, Louis Malinowski, Lenora Niemeyer, Dennis Bliley, Juanita Falconer,
Dwight Scott, Florence Rutkowski, Junior Lindsley, Barbara Elder, Bill Sherwood, and Barbara Catlin
Middle Row: Mr. Dingle, Gordon Ward, Marjorie Hull, Niel McGahen, Norma Hall, Pete Lang, Lura McGinnett,
Bob Fish, Shirley Clute, Ron McCall, Mary Ann Kerr, and Miss Marsh
Front Row: Jean Kissell, Tom Lovewill, Margie Hunt, Chuck Fenner, Donna Spiller, Tom Stull, Shirley Ostryniec, and Roger Skiff

Thanks to Barbara Catlin for furnishing the above picture.

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