Bisonalities Again


WHS Class of 1955 Present Mr. Shakespeare

Mr. Shakespeare

A ticket to the play, Mr. Shakespeare, presented by the
Senior Class of Waterford High School, March 17 and 18, 1955.

Mr. Shakespeare
Ted Barton reading poetry to a very attentive group of girls,
who are acting as members of a women's club.

Shirley Schon, Nancy Prososki, Marie Edwards, Margie Sharp, Pat Clark, Ted Barton

Mr. Shakespeare
Member of the cast practice a dramatic moment in the play.

Clayton Owens, Ruth Falconer, Margie Sharp, Howard Markham

Mr. Shakespeare
The cast:

Front Row: Margie Sharp, Nancy Prososki, Shirley Schon, Pat Clark, Ruth Falconer, Marie Edwards
Middle Row: Mr. Miller - Advisor, Loretta Young, Sue Coffin, Marion Chase, Nancy Dorman, Louise Brace, Liz Faulhaber
Back Row: Clayton Owens, Ted Barton, Howard Markham, Walt Fesmire

Mr. Shakespeare
Pat Clark practices tripping Clayton Owens

Thanks to Nancy Prososki Austin for the pictures used above.

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