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Waterford - Circa 1912

Waterford circa 1912

Corner of 1st and High Streets, looking south.

Waterford circa 1912

The Eagle Hotel

Waterford circa 1912

High Street looking south toward the McCay's house. Notice the statue of George Washington in the middle of the street.

Waterford circa 1912

High Street looking north. Notice the Park House to the left on North Park Row where the Atlantic Gas station stood and the Stancliff House Company now stands. It was torn down in 1922.

It was a hotel with a dining room and a livery. In 1910 it was operated by Cap Maurer. Cap later had the Gulf Gas Station that was located between 6th and 7th Streets on High Street The Park house was owned by the Stancliff's.

Thanks to Rich Galbraith, class of 1983, for the above pictures.

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