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FLBHS Class of 1956 - 56th Reunion

FLBHS Class of 1956

Front Row (left to right - seated): Barbara Walters Caldwell, Babe Owens Brace, Louella Van Zandt Falconer, Arnold Loop, Vera McWilliams Powell
Middle Row (left to right): Joni Markham, Evelyn Cline Harmon, Bob Catlin, Jane Steen Rockwood, Marlene Myers Kibbe, Susie Monroe Fox, Lura Shields Silvaggi, Sally Fox Hayes, Ray Kibbe
Last Row (left to right): Carol McMahon Kircher, Alan Hazen, Marjorie Warner Wilkins, Janet Powers Lipinski

FLBHS Class of 1956

Front Row (left to right - seated): Babe (Owens) Brace, Louella (Van Zandt) Falconer, Arnold Loop, Sandy Loop, Marjorie (Gaye) Newcomer
Middle Row (left to right): Richard Powell, Everett Falconer, Vera (McWilliams) Powell, Barbara (Walters) Caldwell, Evelyn (Cline) Harmon, Bob Catlin, Jane (Steen) Rockwood, Marlene (Myers) Kibbe, Susie (Monroe) Fox, Lura (Shields) Silvaggi, Sally (Fox) Hayes, Ray Kibbe, Karen Kibbe, Sue (Weilacher) Hazen
Last Row (left to right): Bob Brace, Joni Markham, Richard Kircher, Carol (McMahon) Kircher, Alan Hazen, Marjorie (Warner) Wilkins, Janet (Powers) Lipinski, Paul Fox, Richard Wilkins

Thanks to Vera Powell for furnishing the above pictures!

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