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My sister, Barbara, Waterford High School Class of 1952, gave me several pictures of various classmates from the '40s and '50s. Several of them are not identified. Hopefully other alumni will recognize their brother, sister, mother, father, grandfather, grandfather, uncle, aunt, etc. ENJOY!

52 basketball team
1952 Waterford High School Basketball Team
Waterford High School Gym
Waterford High School Gymnasium and Auditorium
44-45 7th grade Waterford
1944-1945 7th Grade Waterford
44-45 8th grade Waterford
1944-1945 8th Grade Waterford
ec - ld - rs - lm
Ernie Catlin - Leland Dorchester
Roy Smith - Lenora Niemeyer
Other Alumni
Gordon Ward - Eagle Eye Lou Malinowski - Roger Skiff
Shirley Ostryniec - Dennis Bliley - Fred Peters
Florance Rutowski

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